Mark Pieth

Emeritus Professor, University of Basel



Mark Pieth has been a Professor of Criminal Law at Basel University since 1993. In his other professional activities as an international and national regulator, as a legal expert, defense lawyer and judge as well as a compliance monitor and compliance advisor he has been confronted with political and economic aspects of power management, including with all forms of abuse of power. One of his key ambitions, in both the public and the private domain, has been to develop methods to challenge such abuses (in an international setting with the help of regulation and country monitoring, in the private sector by enforcing compliance standards and through advocacy as well as litigation, in particular in the area of arbitration). The research and policy institute he founded at the University of Basel, the Basel Institute on Governance, is one of the key tools to reach these goals. Since his retirement from University on August 1, 2020, he has opened a law firm specialized on expert opinions in international cases.