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CryptocurrencyFinancial Crime
Secret Notes and Anonymous Coins: Examining Fincen's 2019 Guidance On Money Transmitters in The Context Of The Tornado Cash Indictment.

Fellow Benjamin Gruenstein, and his colleagues Evan Norris and Daniel Barabander challenge the legal foundation of the Tornado Cash indictment by providing an insightful analysis of the Bank Secrecy Act and FinCEN's 2019 guidance, which provides a principle-based rubric for defining money transmission, with a comprehensive and understandable description of the underlying code at issue. Read here. 

White Collar CrimeLitigation StrategiesCorruption
Bulletin of The International Academy of Financial Crime Litigators

Summer 2023
Inaugural issue of The Academy Bulletin.
Read on. 

Virtual AssetsCryptocurrency
Cryptocurrencies in Asia and beyond: law, regulation and enforcement

Published in collaboration with the Basel Institute on Governance, this comprehensive working paper highlights the dynamic legal landscape of virtual assets in 18 jurisdictions around the world. Fellow Dorothy Siron contributes her detailed research and offers insights based on her experience in asset recovery and fraud.

Read the working paper.

Asset Recovery
Asset Recovery and Wildlife Trafficking

The third in a series of joint publications with the Basel Institute looks at the role of asset recovery in tackling illegal wildlife trade. Keith Oliver asks: How do you cut the head off the snake? Read commentary.

CorruptionMoney Laundering
Public-Private Partnerships Against Illegal Wildlife Trade

The second in a series of joint publications with the Basel Institute looks at the role of public-private partnerships in tackling illegal wildlife trade. See the perspective of Bruce Zagaris on this topic. Read publication.

CorruptionAsset RecoveryMoney Laundering
Impacts of Illegal Wildlife Trade on Business

The first in a series in a series of joint publications with the Basel Institute looks at the impact of illegal wildlife trade on business. See the perspective of Antenor Madruga on this topic. Read commentary.

Litigation Strategies
Justice Continuity Project of The International Academy of Financial Crime Litigators

Fellows of The International Academy of Financial Crime Litigators have surveyed their respective jurisdictions to report how they are coping with the pandemic within the context of each particular situation. Commentary here.

White Collar Crime
Gold Trade Compliance Standards are Weak, says Mark Pieth

Professor Mark Pieth explains, in his commentary published by "Global Investigations Review", how inadequate compliance standards within gold trading is impacting the industry and miners overall. Read commentary.

US Justice Department Acts to Increasingly Enforce FARA while Practitioners Call for Clearer Rules

Contributing to "Global Investigations Review," Professor Bruce Zagaris explains that while there may be more enforcement tools and actions under FARA, compliance still lacks. Read commentary.

Litigation Strategies
How National and Local Professional Rules Can Mess Up an International Criminal Investigation

Writing for "Global Investigations Review," Fred Davis highlights the challenges lawyers may face if they ignore local rules when conducting internal investigations abroad. Read publication.