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As a media partner, The Academy is pleased to attend first-class events run by organizations committed to examining and learning how to approach financial crime.



GIR Live: Women in Investigations 2024



GIR Live: Asia-Pacific Investigations Summit 2024

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Academy Events

Times Past

Past events of The Academy of Financial Crime Litigators.


Academy Event

Tornado Cash Presentation

Fellow Judith de Boer analyzed the recent Dutch court money laundering decision against Tornado Cash co-founder.


Academy Event

The Academy Celebrates its 6th Year

Time to celebrate. The Academy of Financial Crime Litigators turned 6 years.


Academy Event

Fellows of The Academy meet in Paris

Thank you for joining our gathering. See you soon.

Can the Legal System Bar Trump from the Presidency? - Fred Davis


Academy Event

Unlawfully Obtained Information

Steven Haynes discussed the perils of relying on unlawfully obtained information in litigation.


Academy Event

Fellows of The Academy meet in DC

Thank you for joining and we look forward to our next gathering.


Academy Event

Presumptions in Money Laundering

TA Fellows reconvened for another virtual “Coffee Klatch,” with robust discussion.

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Academy Event

Fellow Friday "Coffee Klatch"

TA Fellows gathered for a virtual “Coffee Klatch” discussion of current issues in financial crime.

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Academy Event

The Academy Celebrates its 5th Year

Time to celebrate. The Academy of Financial Crime Litigators turned 5 years.


Academy Event

Fellows of The Academy Meet in Basel

Thank you for joining and we look forward to our next gathering.


Academy Event

Fellows of The Academy meet in NYC

Thank you for joining and we look forward to our next gathering.


Academy Event

Comparing Criminal Justice in Multicultural Film

Fellow Fred Davis presents excerpts from seven classic films – three each from England and France, one from Iran – that address some common and very specific criminal procedures, and how differently they are handled. He is joined by Sam Bettwy, a federal prosecutor and Professor at Thomas Jefferson School of Law and author of the e-book “Comparing Criminal Procedures Through Films.”

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Academy Event

The Academy Celebrates its Fourth Year

Time to celebrate. The Academy of Financial Crime Litigators turned 4 years.


Academy Event

Fellows of The Academy Meet in Person in Basel


Academy Event

Efforts to Find Accountability for the Ukraine Conflict

As we continue to support Ukraine, Bruce Zagaris presented on the efforts to find accountability for the Ukraine conflict. Asters lawyers joined and gave us the lay of the land live from Kiev.

Efforts At Accountability For Russian-Ukraine Conflict


Academy Event

International Women’s Day Webinar

During a 45-minute virtual event, Fellow Karyn Harty chaired a fireside chat with Fordham Law School Assistant Dean Toni Jaeger-Fine and The Academy contributors Elizabeth Ortega and Gretta Fenner about how to #BreakTheBias when considering diversity, equity and inclusion within organisations.


Academy Event

Fellows of The Academy Meet in Person in Miami


Academy Event

A Conversation with Jean-François Bohnert

Academy Fellows hosted a two-hour conversation with Jean-François Bohnert, the National Financial Prosecutor of France, in Washington, D.C. at the French embassy courtesy of Fred Davis.


Academy Event

9 May - The Academy Turns 3 and Proudly Highlights a Year of Virtual Connection


Academy Event

TA’s Ask the Expert - New Tools in the Hunt for Crypto Criminals

In The Academy’s third Ask the Expert session, Fellow Keith Oliver introduces guest speakers Amalia Neenan, Civil & Commercial Legal Researcher at Peters & Peters, and Amanda Wick, Chief of Legal Affairs at Chainalysis. During the event, Amalia and Amanda explain the block chain and discuss the future of crypto currency.


Academy Event

Paying it forward: Women Leaders in Financial Crime Pave the Way for the Next Generation

In this one-hour virtual session, Fellow Co-Chairs Gretta Fenner and Lucinda Low led a discussion with four distinguished panelists: Pascale H. Dubois, Dorothy Siron, Shin Jae Kim and Radha Curpen. The webinar included an interactive Q&A session at the end of the panel.

International Women's Day Webinar


Academy Event

TA’s Ask the Expert - The Extraterritorial Reach of U.S. Whistleblower Reward Programs

Guest speakers Mary Inman, Partner at Constantine Cannon, and Christoper Ehrman, Director of the CFTC Whistleblower Office, introduce U.S. whistleblower reward programs and explain how they can be used by non-U.S. citizens too.


Academy Event

TA’s Inaugural Ask the Expert – Liability for Corporate Failure to Prevent Fraud Under English Law

During The Academy’s first Ask the Expert event, Fellow and Professor Jeremy Horder presented on corporate liability for failure to prevent fraud under English law. 


Academy Event

Roundtable 7 - Corporate Vulnerability to Criminal Prosecution? It Depends.

Speakers Harry Travers and Fred Davis discuss corporate vulnerability to criminal prosecution as Lisa van der Wal moderates.


Academy Event

Roundtable 6 - Bench vs. Jury Trials in Complex White-Collar Cases

In our sixth roundtable, Gary Naftalis moderates a discussion on bench trials versus jury trials in complex white-collar cases with Speakers Adam Hoffinger and Mark Pieth.


Academy Event

Roundtable 5 — Trends In Corporate Liability

Lucinda Low moderates a discussion on recent trends in corporate liability with speakers Jonathan Sack and Wolfgang Spoerr.


Academy Event

Roundtable 4 – Weaponizing Costs as a Sword or Shield: Who Pays? Who Profits?

In this roundtable, moderator Dorothy Siron guides a discussion on the costs of international litigation with speakers Sue Thackeray and Lincoln Caylor.


Academy Event

Roundtable 3 – Auditors Occupy a Pivotal Role in the Financial Affairs of a Company

Speakers Mark Pieth and Andrew Stafford QC discuss the role of auditors in the financial affairs of a company as Glenn Pomerantz moderates.


Academy Event

Roundtable 2 – The Long Arm of U.S. Sanctions: Is the U.S. Rule Going Too Far?

Stéphane Bonifassi moderates a discussion on the reach of the U.S. sanctions with speakers Professor Régis Bismuth and Ben Gruenstein.


Academy Event

Inaugural Roundtable for The TA Virtual Series

Cathalijne van der Plas and Tim Prudhoe kicked off the Academy’s virtual roundtable series by presenting on the issue of remote advocacy.


Academy Event

9 May – The Academy Turns 2 and Celebrates by Honouring its Visionary Founding Fellows.


Academy Event

OABrazil 2019

Academy members Antenor Madruga and Keith Oliver accompanied by Natalia Goncalves of Bonifassi Avocats.


Academy Event

Keith Oliver and Ambassador Andrew Noble Discuss Julian Assange Case

The UK Ambassador to Bucharest, His Excellency Andrew Noble, graciously hosted a dinner for leading members of the local legal community at his residence on Tuesday, 14 May, 2019. They discussed the state of international law and, particularly, extradition issues generated by the case of Julian Assange of Wikileaks. Keith Oliver, founding member of The International Academy of Financial Crime Litigators and head of international for Peters & Peters Solicitors LLP, is pictured.


Academy Event

Media partnership agreement

The Academy struck its first media partnership agreement with the OffshoreAlert Conference North America. Founding members raised the economic crime-fighting flag at #OACMiami 2019, while OffshoreAlert founder David Marchant spoke about competition to tame the rising tide of financial crime as he welcomed The Academy to the event.


Academy Event

Spring 2019 Meeting Hosted by University of Basel


Academy Event

Fall 2018 Meeting Hosted by New York University School of Law

Join us for our biannual Member Meeting at which we will welcome new members, evaluate our mission of expanding the body of knowledge about economic crimes and how to address them, and discuss the latest cases and trends in financial crime litigation. 

Russia and Illicit Financial Flows
The Impact of Litigation Funding
United States v. Hoskins
The CLOUD and Similar non‐U.S. legislation
Privilege and Brady Considerations


Academy Event

Inaugural Meeting